Primary Services


As a consultant, our # 1 priority is customer satisfaction. No matter how difficult the task that you give to our consultant, he will be able to overcome it. Need a senior developer? Diligent Analyst? or an Architect using the best design patterns in the industry? InGenius Consulting is for you.


If your business is not visible on the internet or if your site dates from 2000, it is high time to remedy the situation. Your website is as important as your office. Your home page is the front door and it must be able to host and guide your future client. Do not let your competitors steal your customers just because you're invisible on the web. Trust us and the results will exceed your expectations.

Our Expertises

  • Consulting
  • Websites
  • Custom Applications
  • DataBases
  • Projects

InGenius Framework

The InGenius framework includes a full range of tools to develop your project in record time while ensuring a reliable and efficient structure. The framework generically manages among other any database connections, authentication, data compression, etc.. By dealing with InGenius Consulting, you ensure the best time and therefore the best price.

Custom Applications

Your business has special needs? An application tailored for you and your employees can become an indispensable tool. Stop wasting time with 2 or 3 applications that are not exactly what you need. Contact us so that we develop with you your requirements for an application tailored to your business.