You need a computer consultant? Our areas of expertise are very diverse. We can act both as a developer, analyst or architect.

Whether it is for the development of a site or an application in .Net, or for the creation of a solid database architecture, you can trust one of our consultants.


Your company does not have a website or it's totally outdated? In 2011, a company with no website is equivalent to a company with no address and phone number in the 90's. Time spent on internet increased 151% over the last five years.

Nowadays, for many people, if your company does not have a website, you just don't exist.


Through its founder, InGenius Consulting participated actively in the development of various major projects including WebSimHockey. An addictive site with more than 3500 users and 5M page views monthly.

The expertise gained from such a project guarantees the best programming techniques regardless of the size of the project you have in mind.

InGenius choice

With InGenius Consulting, your project will be delivered on time and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Did you know that 68% of IT projects fail? Although we feel like the computer age, this area is still in its first baby steps compared to many other areas. Be safe and do business only with those who can provide a real guarantee of satisfaction.


What's new?

New website launched
InGenius Consulting facelift. A new website, a new era! It is with great pleasure that we present our new interface. Cleaner, simpler, straightforward.